About Michelle & The Anti-Marketing Manifesto

The most successful home-based business owners I’ve worked with embrace what I call
“Anti-Marketing” principles.

They do the OPPOSITE of what the herd does.

They favor TRUTH and QUALITY over profits…but they also understand the importance of maximizing their profits, so they can build long-term security from themselves and their loved ones.

They favor being their true self over a fake or watered down self.

They focus on generating sales rather than chasing after elusive likes, clicks, followers, and views.

Anti-Marketers dare to be different in their emails, sales pages, landing pages, postcards, YouTube videos, and blog.

Pandering, people-pleasing, and seeking approval and validation from others…are behaviors that don’t belong anywhere near an Anti-Marketer’s agenda.

What is “Anti-Marketing”?

I define Anti-Marketing as world class content that is sharp, crisp, clear, educational – and it drives sales. Period. It’s the opposite of the typical marketing drivel out there that sounds spammy and annoying.

Readers find Anti-Marketing refreshing, funny, and eye-opening. It cuts through all the B.S. and goes straight to the heart of why your product is the best in the world – and a “MUST BUY.”

Anti-Marketing challenges the status quo when necessary, while providing readers with a better, smarter way of doing things as it pertains to your mission/message.

By nature, Anti-Marketing is controversial. It ruffles some feathers. And it can only be used by those who sell truly SUPERIOR, pure products…which makes it the perfect vehicle for selling and marketing premium, organic, non-toxic products online.

Follow the “10 Commandments of Anti-Marketing,” and You’ll Pile on Sale After Sale…

1. Thou shall hold truth above image…even if the truth is ugly.

2. Thou shall favor purity and efficacy over profits…even if it means scrapping a bad batch of product and starting over.

3. Thou shall prize wealth over poverty…even if this requires changing your beliefs about money.

4. Thou shall focus on email list-building, email marketing, and sales funnels…and refrain from wasting time on social media.

5. Thou shall refrain from tracking all vanity metrics, and focus solely on SALES.

6. Thou shall abandon people-pleasing, perfectionism, seeking validation and approval from others, and other “head trash” that gets in the way of freedom, sales, and wealth.

7. Thou shall send as many emails as possible to thy list, while using creative and unique approaches to selling.

8. Thou shall delete “Bad Marketing Advice” that claims there are rules and limitations about what you can and cannot do.

9. Thou shall give not one iota of attention to “haters” – and apologize to no one for being who you are.

10. Thou shall ditch the “false humility” that has been limiting your sales…and own your greatness. Stop believing the old mantra, “It’s rude to toot your own horn.” B.S.! Push your message out there with reckless abandon. Be loud. Be bold. I can help you do this successfully and efficiently, courtesy of my “Anti-Marketing” services.

Uncommon Sales Strategies for the Successful Home-Based Business Owner

If you want to fit in, play by others’ rules, and be liked by everyone – then this is probably not the site for you.

However, if you’re looking for a unique way to stand out, build your email list, increase online sales, and still have an enjoyable life of freedom – then “Anti-Marketing” might be for you!

My Anti-Marketing and copywriting services may be the perfect catalyst for skyrocketing your online sales.

About Michelle Lopez

Michelle Lopez is the “Anti-Marketing” copywriter. She helps home-based business owners increase online sales of their organic, non-toxic products. She graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BA in English / Creative Writing, taught herself online marketing in 2010 and has been helping clients increase their sales with email marketing and sales funnels ever since.

Tired of low online sales? Let Michelle show you a proven path to get your online orders crankin’! To get started, fill out the short questionnaire at http://organicceo.com/apply/ so that Michelle can learn more about your business.

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