A sales funnel is what drives people
to order your products online…period.

Attn: Home-Based Business Owners!

Online sales do NOT come from posting on social media. Sales do NOT come from the number of Twitter followers you have…or the number of “likes” you get on Facebook or Instagram. At best, those are secondary, indirect, and often wasteful routes to getting sales.

If you’re a home-based business owner selling tangible products – and your top priority is to increase sales – then you need to be using sales funnels.

A sales funnel is a simple system that makes it easy for people to buy your products online. Set it up once… promote it everywhere… rinse and repeat.

You’ll get new subscribers opting in to your email list… and they’ll quickly purchase products.

A well-crafted sales funnel makes it EASY for you to pile on sale after sale – because you make it EASY for people to place an order online.

Warning: A solid, well-functioning SALES FUNNEL is your most direct route to sales. It eliminates all the bullsh%t, cuts out the middle man, and goes straight to your target audience: the people who WANT to give you money in exchange for your products. You might not get the ego-boosting, instant gratification feeling of a “like,” but you’ll enjoy increased sales.

Usually within 5 minutes of looking at someone’s website and store page, I can tell why they’re not getting sales: they don’t have a sales funnel.

As an “Anti-Marketing Copywriter” who has been creating sales funnels for years, I can quickly tell which kind of content would allow a business owner to get significantly more sales online…especially if they’re selling organic, non-toxic, healthy products.

It’s often something simple…

Like getting a free educational gift set up on your website, so you can start collecting email addresses.

Or creating a simple “email autoresponder” sequence of 10-15 emails to send to everyone who signs up to your list.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of making a few tweaks to your store page, so that it’s less confusing and more organized. Or adding a damn BUY button that’s easy to click on…lol.

Even the tiniest error in your sales funnel – like a broken link – to a more strategic error, like failing to collect email addys on a daily basis or not sending enough emails to subscribers – WIPES OUT YOUR ABILITY TO RECEIVE THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF ONLINE SALES POSSIBLE.

I would know. I’ve been doing this for years.

By not having a strong sales funnel, you make it difficult if not downright impossible for people to place their first order with you…let alone repeat orders. By making your online ordering process a “pain in the ass,” you make it hard for people to benefit from your life-changing info and products.

Sadly, your great information gets flushed down the toilet by potential fans…simply because you don’t have a solid sales funnel that makes it simple for them to place an order.

A basic sales funnel has 4 parts:

You can try to create a sales funnel yourself…but the smarter thing to do is outsource each of these pieces to someone who knows how to create them effectively:

  1. A free educational gift that answers people’s most burning questions – including questions they didn’t even know they had – in relation to your product. Offer this free gift in exchange for people’s email addresses.
  2. A landing page or other simple web page dedicated solely to promoting your free gift. It has a short, compelling description of your gift, plus an opt-in box. It speaks to the exact right target audience.
  3. An email autoresponder sequence, i.e., a series of 10-15 pre-written emails that are delivered automatically to everyone who signs up to receive your free gift. The emails entertain, educate, and eventually upsell your products. The emails are funny and interesting to read, thus getting “forwarded” to friends and family…building your list even further.
  4. A sales page that features your product, the compelling story behind it, the irresistible benefits it offers, and a BUY button that is not a pain in the ass to click on.

Notice social media is NO WHERE on this list…That’s because it’s a f#@cking waste of time for the serious home-based business owner.

If your goal is to get SALES, then you don’t need social media. Period.

If you want to stroke your ego, feel liked, and impress others who really don’t care about you, then I hear social media is a great place to do just that.

A good sales funnel is like JET FUEL for your business…It will fatten up your bank account faster than anything else. It’s NOT for people who want to stay broke, hidden, struggling, or small.

I’ve been creating sales funnels and sales-generating emails for years. I love watching the seemingly miraculous changes that takes place for a business, when it starts utilizing sales funnels effectively and creatively.

The best part is — when you get my help in setting up a sales funnel, people will love the content. It won’t feel like typical marketing drivel or lame ads to them. It will be a life-changing gift and enjoyable experience for them to go through your sales funnel.

But here’s the thing…my sales funnels are not for everyone.

You have to be truly ready for the influx of orders that will pour in. You MUST have your quality control in order. You MUST have top-notch operations and procedures in place that allow you to scale your business (because it will grow quickly).

Most important, you must have your head straight – i.e., don’t be secretly addicted to “the struggle” of trying to market yourself through other avenues that don’t work… If that’s the case, then this is not a right fit for you. Or me.

I’ve worked with people who merely THOUGHT they were ready for maximum sales…but then fell apart once the orders started coming in. I don’t work with those people anymore. I go through a rigorous intake process to weed them out early.

Be ready and be prepared to meet the increased demand.

You’ll have to decide for yourself if your business can handle the success that will come from using sales funnels.

If you’re ready to request my help, start by ordering a Sales Funnel Assessment here (100% refundable).

One quick note: Always aim for MAXIMUM sales…not just “a comfortable amount that lets you survive”

Speaking of having your head in the right place…

In his book The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles pointed out that, “To be content with ‘less’ is a sin.”

God (AKA “Source,” the Universe, the Divine, Buddha, or Whatever-You-Choose-to-Call It) WANTS you to be wealthy to the max! That’s universal law.

If you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t need a ton of money or sales…I just need enough to get by”…then you’ve already defeated yourself. Close this page now. Quit your business and go get a J-O-B…because I can’t help you with that self-defeating attitude.

Being content with less is a sin.

That’s why you should always strive for maximum success in everything you do…or don’t bother. Seriously. Mediocrity never helped anyone.


Having a solid sales funnel is like aligning yourself with what the Universe wants for you, and everybody else: more life to all.

“God, the One Substance, is trying to live and do and enjoy things through humanity. The desire you feel for riches is the infinite, seeking to express Himself in you…So you need not hesitate to ask largely. Your part is to focalize and express the desire [for riches] to God” (24).

– Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich

See? Even the Universe wants you to be rich.

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Step 3: I’ll examine at your online presence (websites, landing pages, sales pages, videos, etc.) and determine which kind of sales funnel will allow you to receive more money, attract more supporters, and get more subscribers and paid customers into your database. I’ll also identify anything that may be blocking you from achieving all of the above.

Step 3: You’ll receive a short email from me outlining the exact 3-5 items you need to add, edit, or delete in order to start getting more money and fans immediately.

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