It’s been a busy couple weeks here…I’ve been cranking out sales-generating emails for clients as usual, editing my music, editing my book, and of course practicing hip hop dance!

I’m always amazed at how quickly 3 or 4 hours flies by when you’re completely focused on the task at hand. Whatever can be said of money, you can always earn it back. But you can never get time back. Time is a truly limited resource, while money is an infinite resource limited only by what we think or believe about it.

So lately, the Law of Sacrifice has been on my mind.

I’ve talked to many people recently who have big goals. They want to take their brand global. They want to build a huge following. They want to make more money.

Regardless of what their goal is, it always represents a “higher level” that they’re not currently at. Reaching their goal would require them to sacrifice something of a lower nature, in favor of something of a higher nature.

As Raymond Holliwell explains it in Working with the Law:

“Something always has to be sacrificed for something else.”

I can give you an example related to dancing. There are several choreographies I want to learn…SEVERAL. But I have a belief that “It takes me forever to learn a new choreography.” Mixed in there is my desire for perfection, plus my love of mastery…and probably some hidden fear that if I don’t get it perfectly, I’ll look stupid. All of this drives my belief that “It takes me forever to learn a new choreography.” In reality, it takes me about an hour to learn the gist of it, and every hour after that can be spent fine-tuning the details.

If I want to learn more choreographies in a shorter amount of time, then I need to sacrifice my belief that “It takes me forever to learn a new choreography.” (Who knows where it came from? But not it’s not helping me.) It’s just a belief. Beliefs can be changed.

If we want something of a higher nature – i.e., something that requires us to grow, expand, do more, be more, spend more money – then something of a lower nature must be sacrificed. Period.

Understanding the Law of Sacrifice isn’t about “judgment” so much as it is about discernment – being able to discern what things are of a lower nature, and what things are of a higher nature.

Whether we realize it or not, we’re always sacrificing one thing for something else.

Holliwell uses the word “discipline” in relation to the Law of Sacrifice. This means training our mind and body to understand that we’re always giving up one thing for something else…the question is, what are we sacrificing?

We might be tolerating our own bad habits, indulging in our own limited beliefs, or splurging in our own self-defeating outlooks on life…while sacrificing the success we want. It’s like a drunk haphazardly chugging down wine while insisting, “I can quit anytime I want!”

If we want something of a higher nature, then we must discipline ourselves to sacrifice the lower nature thing.

I think this has to do with two things not being able to occupy the same space at the same time. For example, filth and cleanliness cannot coexist in the same space. Food cannot be pure and impure at the same time. Supplements cannot be “additive-free” or “full of additives” at the same time. A person cannot be “successful” and “a failure” at the same time.

It’s either one or the other. At any given moment, we can flip back and forth between the two – but no matter what we choose, we’re sacrificing something.

“No man will ever find the richness of life in any realm by loose and casual wandering. Always he will have to go down a narrow way and through a straight gait called discipline,” says Holliwell.

If your approach has been to wander, these words can be a bitter pill to swallow!

In terms of increasing sales, many home biz owners engage in “loose and casual wandering,” chasing after the latest bright shiny objects and the latest fad marketing techniques…getting lost down a rabbit hole of research that leads no where…next thing you know, their entire day is gone and no sales are made. (They’re kind of like the dog at 0:51 in the video below!)

Meanwhile…the “straight and narrow way” means focusing on sales-generating activities. It means zeroing in on what specifically causes people to buy your product, then intentionally creating a structure that leads to sales.

To get the thing you want, what do you need to sacrifice? What has to go? What lower nature thing must be abandoned, to make space for something of a higher nature?

About the Author

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