It’s just another day in the life of an Anti-Marketer…

I’m at my desk, sipping my cup of green tea.

I check my email to see a message from a long-time client asking me to “bitch slap some people” via my editing. (See screenshot below.)


“Hell yeah, I will…It would be MY HONOR” is the first thought that runs through my mind.

Meanwhile, earlier this morning, another long-time client sent me edit requests as well. Her email was entirely free from any swearing and violence whatsoever.

Having worked with both of these very different clients for over 3 years, I can you tell you that both of them are making bank.

However, one of them works far less than the other… while making far more money than the other.

Can you guess who?

First, let me back up a second and explain what it means to bitch slap someone…

Urban Dictionary defines it as “To open handedly slap someone. Denote disrespect for the person being  bitch slapped as they are not worthy of a man sized punch. Suggests the slap was met with little resistance and much whining.”

OK, that’s partially accurate… but how do you make bitch-slapping a positive thing for the recipient?

You have to understand the difference between mean-spirited, useless bitch-slapping… versus positive, beneficial bitch-slapping.

Here’s the difference: One is haphazard, unasked for, and offers no benefit. The other is thoughtfully done, specifically requested, and done with the purpose of dissolving ignorance.

One is done to keep people down. The other is done to lift people up.

When the famous spiritual dude said “Don’t cast your pearls before swine,” he was kind of bitch-slapping all of us.

Calling certain humans “swine” is a bitch slap…is it not? But if you look deeper, what he was really saying was, don’t waste your time helping people who don’t want your help.

But DO spend your time helping and serving those who are willing to help themselves. Give them a nice bitch slap to wake them up to their own sense of urgency.

Every email I write, whether it’s for my list or a client’s list, is meant to demolish ignorance in some shape or form.

Not that I’m some know-it-all god, but to every fourth grader out there, a fifth grader appears to be god. (When it comes to editing, I know a little bit more than my clients know… and that’s why they’re willing to pay me.)

Ignorance in any shape or form is humans’ #1 enemy… whether it’s the cause of racial prejudice, or simply not knowing how the F** to use a piece of software you’re trying to use.

When your writing is crisp, clean, and conveys a strong, beneficial message that STICKS forever in the reader’s mind — prompting them to make a positive change (and driving online sales for you) — THAT’S in essence a positive bitch slap.

And remember, “ignorance” can be as simple as your ideal consumer not knowing that your product exists…or knowing it exists, wanting it, but not buying it.

Destroy ignorance. Profit.

Depending on your unique voice and style, you can “bitch slap” ignorance by blasting it away like a bulldozer… or delicately cutting through it like a knife slicing through wedding cake.

Either way, the tight choke-hold grip of ignorance begins to loosen in readers’ minds. Readers begin to connect the dots on why they need your products.

When they hit the ‘order’ button, you know you’re starting to win the war on ignorance. When they hit the ‘repeat order’ button… then you can solidly graduate to a higher level: “Home Biz Owner Who Successfully Bitch Slapped Ignorance.”

Traditional marketing is all about spreading ignorance and lies, while hiring paid actors to talk in fake-cheerful voices.

Meanwhile, “Anti-Marketing” is about ERASING ignorance and spreading truth…while using a “real” human voice. Jesus would approve IMO.

On that note, I’m off to hip hop class. I am completely IGNORANT when it comes to ‘tutting’… (Google ‘hip hop tutting’ and you’ll see what I mean…dafuq?!?) But I’m willing to conquer my own ignorance.

See Ya!

Michelle Lopez
Anti-Marketing Tips to Increase Online Sales

P.S. Oh yeah…which client makes more money, while working less hours? Answer: the client who freely bitch slaps people. Why?…cause he doesn’t care what people think of him. He doesn’t waste time catering to try to get people to like him. That should be a big ‘aha’ for you if you spend exorbitant amounts of time trying to get people to like you… But that’s a topic for another email!

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