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Last week I heard about a story that highlights the power of good copywriting.

Basically, a Canadian coffee chain was running ads from an environmentally unfriendly energy company on their TV screens.

The ads promoted a controversial oil project. While standing in line purchasing their morning coffee, customers could see these ads displayed.

Two consumer advocacy organizations teamed together to create online petitions demanding the coffee chain stop running the energy ads.

Over 32,000 people signed the petitions total…many tweeted their opinions to the coffee chain… and ultimately, the coffee chain announced it would stop running the ads.

Victory, right?

The petitions were so successful, their objective was met before each petition even reached its goal for total number of signatures.

One of the organizations even received death threats afterwards! (probably from people associated with, or for the energy company).

Sounds like something out of a suspenseful TV series.

Anyway…I was so intrigued by this story, I decided to create a short copywriting course on it. Why? Because we can always learn something from successful copy that achieves its goal.

I analyzed each of the 2 online petition web pages and recorded a 35-minute presentation going over each of the copywriting elements that made the petitions a success.

To get complimentary access to this course, register below (it’s free!)

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