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Humans are emotional creatures, and if you’re not tapping into your audience’s full range of emotions, YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON MARKETING POWER.

Here are 3 videos to give you some ideas for your marketing campaigns. Each video makes an otherwise boring topic (farming) fascinating. Each vid went viral. Each one capitalizes on different emotions, and thus, has different effects on viewers.

Vid #1 – God Made a Farmer

This commercial aired during a previous Super Bowl (I don’t watch football, so I missed it the first time around). It’s a commercial for Ram trucks, disguised as a really compelling reminder that farmers are ever so important to our lives. The commercial didn’t mention the word “organic” a single time, but it’s pretty obvious they’re not talking about conventional farmers who are raping and destroying the earth.

The emotions it taps into: pride, unity, love, spirituality. Total view: 17.5 million as of Feb 1, 2015.

I completely don’t care that this is a commercial for Ram trucks. That fact flew under the radar (or rather, viewers politely tucked it away). We all know trucks are gas-guzzling vehicles that pollute…We set aside that fact so we could immerse ourselves fully in the realization that hard-working farmers hold our fate in their hands.

But the commercial does make us think about Ram trucks in a new light: If the makers were thoughtful enough to produce this poignant statement that struck a chord in many people’s hearts, what else might they be thoughtful about?

Vid #2 – God Made a FACTORY Farmer

The comedy website Funny or Die created this video, intending for it to be a parody of “God Made a Farmer.” They poke fun at how factory farms have ruined our lives, our health, and our environment.

The intended outcome was to make factory farms look ridiculous. But what happened was the good farmers (i.e., the truly organic ones) were offended, because the parody lumps ALL farmers in the same category – without making the clear distinction between organic and conventional farms.

The emotions it taps into: humor, taunting, sarcasm, bitterness. Total views: 43,000 as of Feb 1, 2015.

Vid #3 – I’m Farming and I Grow It (Parody Song)

Created by three young Kansas farmers who are also brothers, this video brilliantly positions farming as kinda fun. Complete with rap lyrics describing daily life on the farm, a catchy dance beat, plus the fact that the brothers are in pretty good shape – it’s easy to see why this went viral.

I just looked at the Peterson Farm Bros YouTube channel, and they have over 90,000 subscribers. Brother Greg Peterson is a journalism student who originally wanted to spread the word about agriculture. I would say the video did that successfully.

The emotions it taps into: sex appeal, enthusiasm, happiness, work ethic. Total views: 9.2 million as of Feb 1, 2015.

A word of caution when dipping into the volatile world of emotions: you never know what the reaction will be. Half your viewers could love what you’ve created, half of them could hate it. (That’s actually the best place to aim for since it creates abundant discussion, while tapping into our “half and half” dichotomous natures of good and evil, happy and sad, light and dark.)

If ALL your viewers love what you’ve created, then you’re probably not taking enough risks in your creative thinking. If ALL of them hate it, you’re probably targeting the wrong people.

Stir emotions wisely!



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Michelle Lopez is a copywriter and marketing consultant for organic/natural product companies with a strong message and mission. She helps independent companies strengthen their marketing efforts, improve their sales copy, reach more people, sell more products online, and create lifelong fans. Michelle is also the host and creator of The Organic CEO podcast, available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

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About the Author

Michelle Lopez is a writer, editor, and copywriter with a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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