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High-quality organic companies seem to have an aversion to growth.

Many are hesitant to expand.

After all, part of what makes organic amazing IS its smallness.

The smallness, the slowness of production, the intensity of quality control, the painstaking hand-crafted nature of production — all allow for the best quality products to be created over and over again.

We’re not “big business.”

We don’t reduce everything to a quest for cutting costs. We don’t aim solely for profits.

Our objective is not to overtake the world through force or manipulate the world’s populations into greater stupidity or poorer health.

We’re simply about quality.

And in some ways, maintaining quality DEMANDS that we stay relatively small.

But we can’t ignore the fact that a large and growing segment of the world needs to hear our message — and needs to know our products exist. Specifically, those who are looking for our message need it! Perhaps they’ve been searching for too long. They’ve dreamed about a product like ours, but have not yet put their finger on it. They have not yet “seen” it in the real world.

They don’t know our product exists yet…because we’re too busy carrying an aversion to growth.

To reach the world, we need to be more open to growth.

We must expunge our bad memories of how “big business” fumbled in this regard…and re-frame how we think about growth.

Growing doesn’t mean we have to quadruple the size of our business every month or become so busy that we no longer have free time available to spend with family.

Quite the contrary…it means magnifying and multiplying OUR MESSAGE and OUR REACH.

Think about the actions you’re already taking to educate people about your products, business, or whatever you stand for.

Are these actions paying off as well as they could?

I’m continually surprised by how many organic business owners spend time educating people “one on one.”

Or “marketing” in ways that only reach a handful of people at a time.

With the internet and all the sophisticated marketing tools available to us, we can easily reach thousands of people with the same amount of effort. Even tens of thousands. Most of whom would be thrilled for the opportunity to buy our products.

But no one seems to get this.

Big businesses misused marketing and advertising for so many decades, the high-quality organic businesses now have a distorted view of it.

However, being “small and slow” in organic doesn’t mean you have to be small and slow in your marketing.

Whatever you’ve been doing to reach people — imagine expending the same (or even less) amount of effort, while reaching 1000x more people.

This doesn’t mean you’ll morph into a low-quality big business tomorrow. It simply means you’ll magnify your reach. You’ll help more people faster. You’ll increase your ability to deliver quality to those who crave it.

What if you reached 1000 additional people who LOVE the quality of your products — because you actually bothered getting your message out to them? They don’t care how much your products cost; they’re just after the quality. As you are.

The great thing is, you can hiring a marketing expert such as myself to do all the ‘heavy lifting’ for you in this area. (I’ve been lifting heavy objects in marketing for so long, it comes easily to me!)

I’m willing to bet there’s one or two small areas where you can magnify your message and multiply your reach — without sacrificing product quality or your precious time.

I specifically work with organic businesses to help them grow without compromising quality. Period.

After all…there’s no point in growing if it means betraying the very thing you stand for.

Apply for a Marketing Audit with me and let’s explore how to grow your business without sacrificing quality.

Talk soon,

About the Author

Michelle Lopez is a writer, editor, and copywriter with a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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