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Discussed in this podcast:

00:46 — The earth and its various societies are undergoing a major transition
02:39 — Hard, rigid systems are melting away
03:11 — Perception of reality is what determines whether we see ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’ on earth
04:06 — Definition of the word ‘perceive’
04:26 — The Shift / The Transition is a return to what’s good, pure, and true
05:55 — We can slip in and out of ‘hell’ based on our perception in the moment
07:11 — Your main objective as an organic product producer
08:11 — Article on how fast food companies want to transform their image in 2015
10:38 — Your organic products are creating heaven on earth
11:48 — The real meaning of heaven
12:41 — We’re all getting closer to the Ultimate Ideal

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Huge Transitions on Earth: A Return to What’s Pure
by Michelle Lopez
Copywriter & Marketing Strategist for Organic Product Companies

The earth and its various societies are well under way in a major transition. People have different names for it – The Shift, The Event, The Second Coming of Jesus, etc.

Regardless of what you personally believe or what terminology you use to describe it, there’s no doubt that everything is changing quite dramatically.

The money on this planet, the way we do food, the interconnectedness of everyone, the way we view security vs privacy, weather systems, endangered species, how we produce our energy – all of these things are radically shifting.

Hard, rigid systems are melting away. Those who’ve been responsible for running those systems are fighting for their lives, holding on for dear life as they cling to their old (outdated) ways of doing things.

They don’t want to change.

Some think the world is going to hell. For them, that perception of reality seems very convincing.

For others, the world is moving towards heaven on earth. For them, the world is becoming more amazing by the hour.

What’s the key difference between people who are perceiving hell on earth, versus people who are perceiving heaven on earth?

The difference is in their perception.

perceive (verb): become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand.

“The Shift” is a return to what’s good, pure, and true. It’s a weeding out of everything else that is not. The more we PERCEIVE (BECOME AWARE OF) that which is not real or true, the faster it will fall away.

Those who don’t change for the better – i.e., those who don’t improve their perception of what’s real – will find themselves dealing with hell, literally and metaphorically. Maybe their hell will last for ten minutes, or a day, or years… depending on how intensely they refuse to change.

We can all slip in and out of hell, depending on where WE are in the moment – and depending on what our PERCEPTION is in any given moment.

The more time we waste perceiving that which isn’t real, the longer we extend that hellish period of our lives. This leaks onto those around us.

As an organic product producer, your main objective is simply to strengthen your faith that indeed, the world is shifting towards good. And never lose that vision.

Strengthen your resolve to make purity more attractive and desirable than its opposite.

What’s pure is real.

Everything else is a delusion, a mistake, an error, a seduction, a fabrication, a myth, a lie, a confusion, an empty promise, a wrong turn, a bad habit.

The junk food companies are quickly realizing their fake food isn’t going to last much longer. The empires they built around breeding unhealthy food addictions in unaware consumers… are beginning to crumble. But rather than addressing their deep down fundamental problems, the junk food companies are wasting time trying to improve their image.

They’re in for some hell. I don’t envy them.

Your organic products, meanwhile, are a big part of what will bring heaven on earth to the people who use them. I don’t use this phrase “heaven on Earth” lightly. For someone who has used your product(s) to cure themselves of heart disease, or free themselves from 100 pounds of excess weight, or protect themselves from the cancer that their ancestors fell victim to – life for your consumers is becoming more heavenly now.

People got the religious texts all backwards. Heaven isn’t about some vague, future paradise in an afterlife. It’s about specific awesomeness that can happen RIGHT NOW, IN THIS LIFE.

For me, heaven on earth is enjoying a delicious meal comprised of real food that nourishes each and every one of my cells, bringing forth more of the good stuff while cleaning out the bad stuff.

Collectively, we’re getting closer to that Ultimate Ideal Place where there’s no longer any need to clean, because there’s simply no more of the bad stuff existing in the first place.

About the Author

Michelle Lopez is a writer, editor, and copywriter with a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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