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Writers face 2 major struggles:

1) Capturing what they think and believe into written words

2) Evolving and realizing what they thought they believed in yesterday may not be what they think or believe in now.

In episode 6 of The Organic CEO podcast, I critique my article, “Look for What’s Right in the Organic Industry,” which I wrote 2 months ago.

Who I was when I wrote the article was completely different than who I am now!

Change/evolution can happen that quickly!

Hence, my perspective today is different than what it was 2 months ago.

Have a peek through the show notes below, or download & listen to the full episode on your iPod or smart phone while walking, driving, or doing other rote activities.

Discussed in this podcast:

00:05 — Critique of my first blog post, “Look for What’s Right in the Organic Industry”
00:30 — 2 challenges writers have
01:34 — My intention for the article versus the outcome
04:09 — Our perception of something tells us a lot about ourselves
05:28 — For someone to observe a lot of “BS” in the world, that’s a sign that person BS’s himself
06:09 — We don’t attract what we want; we attract what we are
07:34 — Ask better questions
09:18 — Life is only filled with “liars, manipulators, and cheaters” if you yourself are a liar, manipulator, and cheater in some way
09:41 — A super ninja way to hack your own mind
11:01 — If you can’t trust any organic companies, what’s the solution?
12:36 — Brian Johnson (of Philosophers’ Notes)’s brilliant answer to my question, “How would you close an integrity gap for an entire industry?”
14:10 — Why trying to change an “external” thing is the biggest distraction ever
14:41 — The observer changes what’s being observed
15:22 — Big AHA: In order to change the organic industry, you have to change what you’re observing about it
16:18 — Look for evidence of what’s right
17:36 — We must change what we’re observing and how we’re observing it
19:22 — Adopt the characteristics you want to see in others
20:58 — When we focus on what’s right, we’ll get more of what’s right
21:36 — The price of being a “watch dog”
22:39 — Wallace Wattles’ concept of “more life to all”

Websites Mentioned:

Darla LeDoux,

About the Author

Michelle Lopez is a writer, editor, and copywriter with a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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