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Discussed in this podcast:

00:38 — Is organic food expensive? Money and the malnourished soul
01:08 — How my blog post last week butchered the meaning of Christmas
02:03 — A synchronistic email I got from an angel in disguise
02:36 — Pondering “all things Christ”
03:13 — At its core, organic is about purity
03:40 — Being spiritual or “Christ-like” is about being a pure human being
03:59 — Everything impure in life eventually brings us irritation
04:36 — To be pure or not to be pure?
04:45 — Why not make all food organic? vs money problems
05:46 — 2 lines from the Christmas song “O Holy Night”
06:20 — “The soul felt its worth”
06:55 — Biggest objection consumers have about organic
07:25 — Translation of the phrase “Organic is too expensive”
07:57 — As humans, our biggest source of irritation is money
08:11 — Which impurity is responsible for our money problems?
08:54 — Souls not feeling their worth = a spiritual disease we should treat seriously
09:48 — Money troubles distract us from our True Work
10:46 — The BELIEF that organic is expensive is part of a spiritual disease
12:02 — Settling for the cheap GMO stuff at Walmart
12:52 — Are all food and money problems really a SPIRITUAL problem?
13:29 — The real meaning of Christmas
14:06 — A prayer/affirmation
14:29 — My vision for the future of this planet

Read the article version:


“Organic Food is Expensive,” Says the Spiritually Malnourished Soul
by Michelle Lopez

I somewhat butchered any sacredness around Christmas in my blog post from a week and a half ago.

And today, thanks to a synchronistic email I received from a friend who’s probably an angel in disguise, I’m pondering the bigger picture of “all things Christ.”

This is not a religious blog… this is a blog about marketing organic products. But follow me on this.

Organic food is about purity, and one could argue that being spiritual or Christ-like is about being a pure human being. Or at least striving to be pure.

Everything impure eventually leads us to irritation.

Impure food brings stomach upsets, disease, and clouded thinking… Impure thoughts bring actions we later regret… etc.

To be pure, or not to be pure? That’s the great quandary of life.

So why not make ALL food on this planet organic, and therefore pure? Problem solved, right?

Ah… but then the problem of MONEY enters the picture.

This is where my aforementioned friend comes in. I opened an email he sent about his favorite Christmas song, “O Holy Night.” Today, these lyrics from the song are speaking me as if they were written specifically for me:

    Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
    ‘Til He appear’d and the soul felt its worth.

Let’s set aside any and all qualms we might have over the meaning of the word “He.” For now, let’s focus on the phrase: “the soul felt its worth.”

That phrase stands out to me. Mainly because one of the biggest objections consumers have to buying organic is that it costs too much.

“Organic food is too expensive to buy,” consumers complain.

“Organic food is too expensive to produce,” food companies insist. “We must cut corners, cut costs, save money, produce cheaply.”

Translation: “We are all suffering from a spiritual disease. We cannot see our own worth.”

Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
    ‘Til He appear’d and the soul felt its worth.

As human beings, perhaps our biggest source of irritation is MONEY (or lack thereof). Without money, nobody eats.

But what causes this particular irritation? Which impurity is responsible for our money problems?

Struggling with money is an error brought about from the soul not feeling its worth.

That’s the root cause of all money problems.

Collectively, our society is comprised mostly of souls who don’t feel their worth.

Souls not feeling their worth is a disease. A spiritual disease. We should treat this disease as seriously as we would treat an actual medical condition, e.g., a disease of the flesh.

When a soul doesn’t feel its own worth, literally everything in its life is diminished – quality of life, quality of interactions, quality of relationships. Quality of food, quality of body.

The person suffering from money troubles (i.e., a disease of the spirit) is distracted from doing the Truly Important Work he/she is meant to do.

He must deal with all the side effects that come along with that disease.

The belief that organic food is expensive is a spiritual disease.

Organic food is only “expensive” if you believe you’re incapable of paying for it. Many truly believe they can’t afford organic. Many truly believe that paying more money for purer food is insane.

Keyword: believe.

Instead of questioning their beliefs with the intensity of an FBI agent questioning a terrorist, they resort to the easier option: They settle for the cheap GMO shit. They settle for cheap fast food cheaply produced with additives that butcher the insides of the body, cause irritation, turn us into something we’re not… while ultimately prompting behaviors that we later regret. All of this cheap crap is available at your local Walmart.

Are all the food- and money-related problems of the world really a SPIRITUAL problem?

Where are we getting our nourishment from? Do we really believe we’re not worth being nourished with the good stuff?

  Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
    ‘Til He appear’d and the soul felt its worth.

Perhaps the meaning of Christmas (which I missed last week) is to celebrate the birth of a Christlike ideal of purity. If we can entertain even the POSSIBILITY that our souls are worth so much… and that WE are worth the purest forms of nourishment… how will this change everything? How will this change the way we do food on this planet?

Here’s a spontaneous prayer/affirmation that arose as I was pondering this issue: “Lift my soul so that it feels its worth.”

I’m visioning the mass illusion of poverty being washed away, like a worldwide spiritual cleanse. It’s happening; it’s well underway. I’m seeing erroneous, widely held, widely cherished but inaccurate societal views of money being cleansed out of everyone, myself included. I’m seeing a massive increase in our collective souls’ ability to enjoy the riches we were all intended to enjoy – riches that include sustainable, healthy organic food for all.

When all individuals on this planet nourish themselves spiritually, they’ll be able to nourish themselves physically.

About the Author

Michelle Lopez is a writer, editor, and copywriter with a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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