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I don’t usually watch The Daily Show. My favorite comedy was always Conan O’Brien back in the day… but this Jon Stewart clip popped up on my Facebook and I thought it was spot on.

He boldly takes on Big Food’s careless obliteration of our food supply.

Starts off by saying, “The typical American diet is rich in essential poisons.”

He proceeds to show examples of junk food commercials encouraging gluttony. (F#@ck junk food marketing!)

Referencing pro-gluttony Little Caesars and Olive Garden commercials, Stewart says, “The ‘I don’t give a fuck’ approach is getting a lot of traction in the fast food community. While some establishments are giving our obesity crisis a chubby middle finger, others are more conflicted about their role.”

He follows this with a quick analysis of McDonald’s backpedaling. First the company made fun of health nuts, then later announced it would be removing antibiotics from their chicken, in an effort to “offer healthier fare to its customers.”

What. The. Fawk?

“I’ll miss treating my ear infections with the Buffalo Ranch McChicken,” Stewart says. Meanwhile, there’s an image of a sandwich getting jammed into his ear.

Good stuff.

There’s a lot of material you could play with here, if you’re a HEALTHY FOOD COMPANY.

I always get giddy when I see famous people bringing awareness to important issues like this one (issues I already knew about by the time I was 10 years old… c’mon people, let’s get cracking on some forward progress in humanity!).

The masses are always slow to catch on to the obvious.

As a result of Jon Stewart doing a comical exposé on this subject, people are now questioning the food they’re eating.

By exposing the food industry through humor, he’s getting the average American to start “thinking” and questioning for once.

Most people don’t question the food they eat until some comedian cracks funnies about how terrible the food really is.

Being FUNNY can get people to pay attention — and to think.

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Michelle Lopez is a writer, editor, and copywriter with a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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