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Vani Hari AKA “The Food Babe” has been making headlines for calling out the processed food giants in the food industry.

Google her and you’ll see a slew of recent articles whining that she has a computer science degree and therefore has “no credentials” to talk about food.

And yet she has inspired 100s of thousands to eat better than they were before.

The Food Babe’s main message is that real food is better than fake, processed, chemical-filled food.

God bless her soul!

Personally, I don’t give a shit if she’s not a scientist.

I don’t care if she’s said a few things that make the most misguided of Diet Coke-addicted chemists cringe.

I’ll even give her a free pass for appearing on The Dr. Oz show.

The fact that Vani Hari’s actions have spurred big food companies to take some of the garbage out of their products is nothing short of amazing.

She’s like a kind and gentle nanny reminding a careless kid to wipe his own butt after he poops.

Seriously. It took her blog posts, her actions, and her encouragement of consumers to sign petitions…to get these fucking companies to do something they should have been doing from the very beginning.

And people are criticizing her for that?


Scientist or not, Vani is a gem for getting the masses to FINALLY question the food they’ve been eating.

Her before & after pictures are all the proof I need to know she’s on the right path. (Before, she ate fast food all the time and felt like a zombie…after, she nixed all the junk from her diet and literally became ‘full of life’…not ‘full of shit,’ as the whiny critics would argue.)

Anyone who thinks that what she’s doing is harmful to the greater good…is pretty misguided.

How can real food be harmful? How can fake anything be good?

People who think the only way a person can get “credentials” is to sit in a stuffy academic hall for 4+ years (where scarcity mentality and fear are the norm) are probably zombies themselves on some level.

A great summary of the Food Babe controversy appears on this AdWeek article. (I think it’s a fantastic lesson on the power of being committed to your mission no matter who has a problem with it!).

This video also offers some insight on what The Food Babe is doing right!

As for the critics…it must suck being super-glued to the status quo, being forced to realize the food you’ve been addicted to all your life is garbage…and that the companies selling it have been lying to you.

I can see why this might threaten someone’s entire existence, causing them to lash out at the messenger.

I can see why haters might cling to small “technical errors” that the messenger might have occasionally made during the delivery of her otherwise fantastic message.

Talk soon,
Michelle Lopez

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Michelle Lopez is a writer, editor, and copywriter with a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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